Based on our assessments, we can provide valuable insight and advice. We will be there in every step of the way as a trusted partner and advisor.

We understand California public sector. We can effectively assess your business goals against government opportunities.




Our years of experience and expertise will be at your disposal and we will guide you from start to finish. We value our customers.


    Assess opportunities and advise on feasibility  

    Provide insight and advice on the project approval authority process (understanding of the various stages and approval processes)

    Provide understanding and timing of budget, funding mechanism and funding sources

    Assist with Executive Sponsors, Key stakeholders and Influencers – how to manage relationships

    Counsel on navigation through the control agencies

    Counsel on procurement approach and strategy (e.g.; getting departments to understand and utilize all available contract vehicles, advising and development of a procurement strategy, etc.)

    Advise on strategies to make projects successful – focus on project delivery

    Provide support to your local sales team and marketing activities




Panora Associates, Inc., is committed to creating sustainable client partnerships with the California public sector, with emphasis on information technology (IT) and state government connections.  We offer consultations and advice in strategic business development approaches to help leverage new business prospects as well as maintaining your existing customers.  Our services include direction and guidance with communication, public sector strategic consulting, best practices, project approvals, funding, procurement, relationship management and marketing strategies; leading you into increased success rates.   Our services create a WIN/WIN result for both the client and the public sector entity.

Public Sector Strategy

Consulting, SAcramento

We will assist you in positioning yourself for the identified opportunities.


Strategy and Business Consulting



    Act as a Trusted Advisor – honestly/integrity/confidant/non-judgmental/respect

    Encourage Creative Thinking - think outside the box, new and innovative ways to solve problems or create new opportunities

    Desire for learning – growth/change/exploring/personal development – yourself and others

    Foster having fun - finding enjoyment/pleasure/passion/purpose

    Inspire Healthy Actions – mental/physical/community/spiritual/vitality

    Appreciate Individuality – strengths/experiences/gifts/treasures